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On the future of the Eastern Partnership

The European Union maintains a strong commitment toward the Eastern Partnership; this is even more true for the European People’s Party (EPP), which has been one of the major actors vis-à-vis the Eastern Partnership since its launch. During the past decade, together with our partners, we

Verhandlungen mit London: Europäisches Parlament entschlossen auf EU-Linie

Parlamentsmitglieder stellen sich eindeutig hinter EU-Verhandlungsführer BarnierRosinenpickerei der Briten für EU nicht akzeptabelWettbewerbs- und Fischereiabkommen Voraussetzung für Zustimmung des Parlaments Das Parlament beklagt, dass die Positionen der EU und des Vereinigten Königreichs bei den Verhandlungen über die künftigen Beziehungen weit auseinanderliegen und die Zeit davonläuft. In einer

EU-UK talks: MEPs display unwavering support for the EU position

MEPs firmly behind EU negotiator Michel BarnierThe UK’s cherry-picking approach is a no-go for the EUAgreement on level playing field and fisheries required to obtain European Parliament’s consent Parliament regrets that differences remain substantial, with little time left to reach an agreement on the future EU-UK

Foreign policy consequences of the COVID-19 crisis

I am convinced that we should stand up for fostering the European Union’s strategic autonomy, for promoting multilateral solutions and for defending our interests in a spirit of solidarity.We are all currently witnessing that the COVID 19 pandemic will lead to more than just medical,