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Highlights of AFET/DROI/SEDE meetings next week

Committee on Foreign Affairs Monday 13.45 – 18.15, room: József Antall 2Q2 and remote participation ·  Constitutive meeting: election of the Chair and first, second, third and fourth Vice-Chair (13.45–16.15) ·  Public hearing on "The EU and the Defence of Multilateralism" (see draft programme) (16.45–18.15) Tuesday 9.00 – 17.45,

The UK must avoid constant crisis mode in its EU ties

David McAllister is a German MEP for the European People’s Party and chair of the European Parliament’s committee of foreign affairs.  The main lesson learned from Brexit is that a complex process such as disentangling a large economy from the market it was so deeply integrated into over

Russia must immediately withdraw its forces threatening Ukraine

Parliament condemns the large Russian military build-up near UkraineSanctions against Russia should include a suspension from the SWIFT payment systemRussia does not decide Ukraine’s future Against the backdrop of increasing Russian military threats against Ukraine, MEPs say any aggression by Moscow must come at a high

Plenary speech on Nicaragua, 14 December

https://youtu.be/3NBZja78v74 The elections on 7 November in Nicaragua violated all international democratic standards for credible, inclusive, fair and transparent elections. They were a sad climax of Nicaragua’s continuous authoritarian development as they complete the conversion of this country into an autocratic regime. As European Parliament, we reject