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Venezuela: Foreign Affairs Committee Chair reiterates support for Juan Guaidó

David McAllister condemns “the recent attack on Venezuela’s National Assembly”, the last remaining democratic institution in the country. Following the meeting with Armando Armas, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Venezuelan National Assembly, the Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs David

Senior MEP issues warning to UK as crucial round of Brexit talks kick off

Written by Martin Banks https://www.theparliamentmagazine.eu/articles/news/senior-mep-issues-warning-uk-crucial-round-brexit-talks-kick David McAllister, who chairs the European Parliament’s UK Coordination Group, cautioned that if the UK “reneges on what it signed up to” it will have to face “concrete consequences.” McAllister’s stark warning comes as the fourth - and crucial - round of

David McAllister interview: Galvanising Europe on the world stage

Written by Rajnish Singh https://www.theparliamentmagazine.eu/articles/interviews/david-mcallister-interview-galvanising-europe-world-stage With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating current international challenges and highlighting a lack of global leadership, David McAllister tells Rajnish Singh he hopes a more visionary and coherent EU foreign policy will emerge. As the world deals with the health and economic crises

McAllister on EU-UK talks: Full support for the EU Chief Negotiator

The Chair of Parliament’s United Kingdom Coordination Group, David McAllister (EPP, DE), made the following statement on Friday after a meeting with EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier. “The EU-UK negotiations have so far yielded little progress. Instead, over the past few days, the EU was attacked

One year after the European elections 2019

One year ago today, we celebrated the results of the European elections and the Parliament took the shape it has today. With an unprecedented eight percentage points rise of turnout since 2014, the 2019 European Election showed the increasing awareness of the EU citizens of