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Highlights of AFET meetings this week

Committee on Foreign Affairs ·  Exchange of views with the EEAS on the situation in Yemen (10.00 – 11.00) ·  Exchange of views with Maciej Popowski, Acting Director-General of DG NEAR, on the situation in Libya (11.00 – 12.00) ·  The EU and the defence of multilateralism (2020/2114(INI))

European Parliament delegation to visit Ukraine

Foreign Affairs Committee and Security and Defence Subcommittee MEPs will travel to Ukraine from 30 January to 2 February to gather information on the current crisis. A high-level delegation of eight MEPs, led by the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Security and Defence Subcommittee Chairs David McAllister (EPP,

Statement on the situation in Burkina Faso

Statement on the situatioin in Burkina Faso, following the detainment of President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré Statement by David McAllister, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Tomas Tobé, Chair of the Committee on Development, and Carlos Zorrinho, Chair of the Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint

David McAllister re-elected as Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee

Mr McAllister will continue as the Chair of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee for the coming two and a half years, until the end of the current legislative term. David McAllister (EPP, DE) was re-elected by acclamation by committee members on Monday. “Many thanks to my colleagues for re-electing

Highlights of AFET/DROI/SEDE meetings next week

Committee on Foreign Affairs Monday 13.45 – 18.15, room: József Antall 2Q2 and remote participation ·  Constitutive meeting: election of the Chair and first, second, third and fourth Vice-Chair (13.45–16.15) ·  Public hearing on "The EU and the Defence of Multilateralism" (see draft programme) (16.45–18.15) Tuesday 9.00 – 17.45,

The UK must avoid constant crisis mode in its EU ties

David McAllister is a German MEP for the European People’s Party and chair of the European Parliament’s committee of foreign affairs.  The main lesson learned from Brexit is that a complex process such as disentangling a large economy from the market it was so deeply integrated into over