On the EU-Chile agreement: More EU exports and better access to raw materials
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On the EU-Chile agreement: More EU exports and better access to raw materials

Under the Interim Trade Agreement with Chile (together with the Framework Agreement both are publicly dubbed Association Agreements) around 99.9% of EU exports will be tariff-free on the entry into force of the agreement, which is expected to increase EU exports to Chile by up to €4.5 billion.

The agreement will bring better access to raw materials such as lithium and copper and clean fuels such as green hydrogen, which are crucial for the transition to the green economy. Lithium is especially important for batteries and e-mobility. The agreement will provide the same treatment for EU investors in Chile as for Chilean investors and will give EU companies improved access to Chilean government procurement contracts for goods, services, works and works concessions, and vice versa.

This agreement includes a dedicated chapter on small and medium-sized enterprises to help ensure that smaller businesses fully benefit from the agreement, which includes cutting red tape.

The EPP Group stands for fair and smart trade agreements. The new and very comprehensive agreement between the European Union and Chile underscores our commitment to fostering mutually beneficial trade relationships. The agreement will bring closer trade relations, more EU exports and investments and better access to Critical Raw Materials and clean energy. Our businesses can take full advantage of the agreement without tariffs for 99.9% of EU exports and reduced red tape – with a dedicated SME chapter tailor-made for smaller businesses.

-The EU-Chile Agreement reflects how deep and comprehensive Europe’s relationship is with Latin American countries. Maintaining close relationships based on a robust framework of trade and investment is imperative. Building on this common ground, with a long-term perspective, is an opportunity for partnership for both parties that must not be wasted. It is time to be able to generate a vision based on common interests.

-Let us use these dynamics and take the opportunity to ramp up negotiations with other vital partners, such as Australia and Mercosur. Free and fair trade agreements are crucial for economic growth, job opportunities, prosperity, and European competitiveness.