EU-U.S. relations: MEPs call for a strengthened partnership
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EU-U.S. relations: MEPs call for a strengthened partnership

In the context of a deteriorating global security situation, transatlantic unity is more needed than ever, according to MEPs in a report adopted on Thursday.

In a new report, Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs call on the EU to work towards an even stronger partnership in leadership and responsibility with the U.S. The two partners need to, the report says, defend multilateralism, tackle the global challenges and new and dangerous geopolitical realities that affect common values, interests, security and prosperity. It was adopted on Thursday by 41 votes for, 5 against and 1 abstention.

Tackling jointly multiple global crisis

The multiple global crises, from Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine, and an increasingly tense and at times violent Middle East, to an increasingly assertive China, are a growing challenge to the defence of European values, warn MEPs.

They stress the common friendship of the EU and U.S. with Ukraine and Israel, based on joint and full condemnation of Russia’s aggression and of the despicable terrorist attacks by Hamas. They recall the joint efforts to free all hostages taken by Hamas and support to Israel’s right to defend itself in line with humanitarian and international law, while condemning any violence against innocent civilians.

Multilateral cooperation for a more equitable and healthier world

The report says the two partners need to work towards a transatlantic agenda that privileges multilateral cooperation for a more equitable and healthier world, the fight against climate change, promotion of the peaceful resolution of conflicts, arms control, disarmament, the fight against racism, and reform of economic governance. They should particularly focus on, MEPs argue, the fight against inequalities and ecological transformation and on a sustainable and environmental friendly transformation of the economy.

Foreign policy and defence cooperation

The EU should ensure that EU member states respect their commitments on defence spending and significantly increase national investments in defence to reach a fairer burden-sharing with the United States.

MEPs also call on the two transatlantic partners to make joint progress on key foreign policy files, including on their respective relations with China, on Europe’s eastern and southern neighbourhood, on Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as on the Indo-Pacific. They should also, the report concludes further advance strategic cooperation on areas of shared common past achievements, such as the Western Balkans, Sahel and the Arctic.

Next steps

The European Parliament as a whole will vote on the report in one of the coming plenary sessions.