Moldova’s presidential runoff: a decisive choice
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Moldova’s presidential runoff: a decisive choice

eppAhead of the Republic of Moldova’s presidential election runoff, the President of the European People’s Party, Joseph Daul, and the President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, Hans van Baalen, made the following common statement:
”For the first time in twenty years, the people of Moldova will directly elect their president on 13 November. It is an election which will define the future path of Moldova and its European course. As an important partner for the EU in the region; our commitment to, and support for, improving the daily life of every Moldovan remains strong.

These elections represent a clear choice and a new hope of change for Moldova. Its people want to live in a society where there is no corruption, where the justice system treats everyone equally and where the rule of law prevails. They expect accountable politicians who work for the benefit of each one of them, not only a few. Moldovans want a strong economy, jobs and prosperity. We believe that only a pro-European president will be able to deliver such results. This is why we are endorsing the candidacy of Maia Sandu, the pro-European candidate, and why we call on the citizens of Moldova to cast their votes in her favour in this Sunday’s election.
We have worked hard together to open our borders for Moldovan citizens and businesses, to improve people’s lives through reforms and financial support; but a lot still remains to be done. We stand ready to work with a pro-European president in continuing to help Moldova reform and in implementing the Association Agreement.
Change comes to people who stand up for it. The citizens of Moldova, especially the young people and diaspora, must now unite and vote massively for that change to occur. The Moldovan authorities, in turn, must ensure the second round of elections are free and fair, and secure the right conditions enabling all citizens, whether at home or abroad, to vote on 13 November. It is every citizen’s right and civic obligation to participate in the political process through which the future of his or her country will be decided.
On 13 November, Moldova has an important choice to make. It is not only a choice between moving forward or going backwards; it is a choice between a better future or a stagnant past. It is a choice for a more stable and prosperous Moldova — which ultimately remains our common goal.”