EU-Latin America: Foreign Affairs MEPs call for stronger cooperation
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EU-Latin America: Foreign Affairs MEPs call for stronger cooperation

  • Latin America and Caribbean region is more than ever a key EU partner
  • But cooperation should be expanded and political dialogue reinforced
  • Negotiations to reach an EU-Mercosur deal should be speeded up

Sharing common values, interests, and political agenda, Latin American and Caribbean countries and the EU should build stronger partnerships, MEPs say.

In a resolution approved on Tuesday, Foreign Affairs MEPs stress the need to strengthen the cooperation between the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region and the European Union as they both face current global challenges, such as eradication of poverty, peace and security, fight against climate change, and share common values.

Defence and security cooperation should be reinforced through police and military coordination „paying particular attention to information sharing“, MEPs say. They also ask for further cooperation on “environmental issues, a major mutual interest, with special emphasis on the energy transition and decarbonisation process”.

MEPs stress the need to speed up ongoing EU-Mercosur Association Agreement negotiations to reach „a comprehensive, balanced and mutually beneficial association agreement“. They also call on both the EU and LAC countries to fight against the problem of corruption through measures ranging from prevention to law enforcement and criminal prosecution.

Next steps

The report by Javi López (S&D, ES) was approved in the committee by 55 votes to 7, with 2 abstentions. It will be put to a vote by Parliament as a whole at the September plenary session in Strasbourg.