David McAllister: Plenary Speech on the situation in Myanmar
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David McAllister: Plenary Speech on the situation in Myanmar

David McAllister: Plenary Speech on the situation in Myanmar

Madame President,

dear High Respresentative,

As European Parliament, we have always followed the developments in Myanmar very closely. In a number of resolutions from May 2010, July 2016 and September 2019, we strongly condemned all past and present human rights violations, especially against the Rohingya population.

Since 2015, the European Union has politically and financially supported Myanmar’s process of democratic transition we have undertaken enormous efforts to promote peace, human rights and development in the country.

Unfortunately, all these positive developments have been abruptly reversed by the recent coup. This coup was a clear violation of Myanmar’s constitution, which we ought to all strongly condemn.

I am deeply concerned by the detention of political leaders and civil society activists, including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint.

I call upon the military to

• immediately end the state of emergency,
• restore power to the democratically-elected government,
• to respect human rights and the rule of law and
• to release all those unjustly detained.

The November election results as well as the constitution must be respected and the national Parliament should be convened at the earliest opportunity. The power should be returned to democratically elected representatives and to a civilian government as soon as possible.

For the European Union, all instruments should be on the table in order to react. This includes the possibility to extend sanctions on military leaders.

As European Parliament we should send the strong message that we stand with the people of Myanmar who want to see a democratic future of their country.

Thank you!